Beathard Engraving

Gerry is a gunsmith and engraver. He engraves rifles, shotguns, pistols and knives, employing hand engraving methods. All projects, whether it is a one of a kind custom or a factory production model, receive the same high level of Gerry’s attention. His engraving also includes jewelry, belt buckles, and western items.

Custom engraving is tailored to the client’s wishes. Gerry will normally use an American, German or English scroll style. He will go outside of these scroll styles to please the client, though. He is competent in precious metal inlays, including line inlays, scroll inlaidys or animal and bird inlays. Bulino engraving will be used for game scenes ranging from busts to complete scenes. Gerry is especially proud of his deep relief engraving and fine shading.

Gerry believes that a scroll should look three dimensional. Backgrounds should be deep and dark. The scroll should be well shaded giving depth, form and life. The flow should take you along and through the scroll and let your eye flow from the scroll onto the other parts of the firearm, knife or jewelry. Please take a look around to get some ideas and then contact Gerry to get your project started.

If you are in the Austin, TX area, setup a meeting with Gerry. Paige and Bastrop are a close drive. He will be glad to meet with you anywhere in the area.

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