Beathard Engraving

Colbert Collection Snake Scale Pair

This is a pair of Colt revolvers: a Colt Python and a Colt Anaconda. These were engraved at the same time and not intented to be a pair, but the Colberts sold both of them to the same customer the day I returned them. They both are sporting snakeskin backgrounds. The Python has an American Scroll running leaf pattern running down the frame. It also has a western style fan/sunburst and scroll on the cylinder. The Anaconda features black leaf components magnified to a central feature size. Both of the firearms are stainless steel and have a moderately bright polish.

The Engraved Colt Pair: Anaconda and Python

Photo of Colt Pair's Right SidePhoto of Colt Pair's Left Side
Photo of Colt Pair's Left SidePhoto of Colt Pair's Left Side Frame
Photo of the Colt Pair's Muzzle End

The Engraved Colt Anaconda

Photo of Colt Anaconda with a BootPhoto of Colt Anaconda with a boot and Holster
Photo of Colt Anaconda's Right FramePhoto of Colt Anaconda's Right Frame
Photo of Engraved Colt Anaconda's Muzzle

The Enraved Colt Python

Photo of Right SidePhoto of Left Side
Top View


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