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Bond Arms Derringers

Photo of BJ's DerringerPhoto of BJ's Derringer

These hand engraved pistols are Bond Arms Derringers in 45LC/410. There is a set of three pistols: one for the father and one each for his two sons. The pistols all have a similar style, but are not exactly the same. They all have HOFFMAN in deep relief on the backstrap and the owner's initials on the top. The TR gun as scrollwork at the ends of the last name. The BJ and JB guns have a floral pattern. All three guns have a 100% coverage with a mixture of snakeskin with fine line shading and a border. TR's pistol has the Texas A&M University Logo above the grip. BJ's pistol has the Texas State University Bobcat on the left and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity letters on the right. JB, the father, requested his ranch sign logo and his heart brand on the sides of his. More pictures...

Note: One of the pistols had a design change right in the middle of the engraving. One of the signs of a true professional is knowing how to fix things. check out this fix!

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